Top 5 Best YouTube Alternative Websites and Apps

Youtube Alternative Apps and SitesYouTube the biggest network for video sharing and the most used platform by the users worldwide. Other networks are still far to compete with the quality standards YouTube has maintained but the time limit it has been offering can shift current users towards other close competitors.

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Top 5 Best YouTube Alternative

Vimeo offers its viewers a better quality display, much more managed and easy to watch. It has an overpowering impression in terms of quality management and clarity. For sincere video uploaders, it’s a great platform to give exposure to the audience.

It’s the second largest online video websites with almost 112 million unique visitors on monthly basis. In case you want to make the video go viral, Daily Motion can do it conveniently and instantly. Unlike YouTube, here videos are not censored as per non-nude clause or something else. Plus, the video library on the Daily Motion is safe to upload, you should not expect that the content would be tamed. Daily Motion does not believe in removing content once uploaded, they do not like to do many changes. Its interface is very much similar to what YouTube was in its initial stage.

It’s there since 2003, which is even before to YouTube.It is one of the oldest websites to have a Video. Currently, the website serves around 40 million users, these are unique visits every month. Its different layout makes it so attention-seeking of the users. Everything from categorization to browsing various topics, all things are differently treated. As of now, Metacafe is not open for all users to upload any kind of data or image.

Along with Image sharing feature, Flickr also allows to upload videos & share it with others.Apart from that, Flickr enables you to upload your videos in HD quality, which till now no one asks its users to do. You get a 1Tb memory and in case of pro account you get a lot more space than that, ad-free environment and gives you detailed stats of analytical report.

VEOH is also a video sharing app but it is not as popular as YouTube.The user interface of VEOH is surprisingly clutter-free along with the features like personal messages, groups, forums, adding friends etc.

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