Xafecopy Trojan Malware Steals Money From Users Smartphone

A new malware has been detected called Xafecopy Trojan Malware, which steals money from users smartphone claimed by anti-virus developer Kaspersky Lab.Around 40 per cent of the target of the malware has been detected in India. Report Said,”Kaspersky Lab experts have uncovered a mobile malware targeting the WAP billing payment method, stealing money from victims’ mobile accounts without their knowledge”.

Xafecopy Malware| Trojan Malware

 How Xafecopy Trojan Malware Works

The Trojan enters the mobile through apps such as BatteryLife, the report says, without affecting the functioning of the mobile phone. However, it loads malicious codes onto the device.After the codes being loaded, the trojan gets activated and begins opening web pages using the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) billing – a form of mobile payment – which adds cost directly to the phone user’s post-paid bill.

Kaspersky Lab Claims this malware does not require verification of debit or credit card. It is also designed in a manner to bypass the captcha – a random combination of letters, numbers, symbols on websites which the user has to manually fill to confirm he is a real human rather than designed software code.

Malware Target

Xafecopy hit more than 4,800 users in 47 countries within the space of a month, with 37.5 per cent of the attacks detected and blocked by Kaspersky Lab products targeting India, followed by Russia, Turkey, and Mexico



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