Wi-Fi Router Could Get A Magical Power that You Can’t Imagine

Almost each of us uses Wi-Fi to access the internet for more than one device. If you talk about the Wi-Fi, you may discuss its range, data security or network security, and about multiple access points. But, the Researchers from MIT University made use to talk about the Wi-Fi Router which read the human emotions through wireless signals. Know more about the next Wi-Fi Router that makes a Magical Power that you can’t imagine.

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Wi-Fi Router Could Get A Magical Power ?

Yes, MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Researchers have designed an algorithm for next Wi-Fi routers that read human emotions. These Researchers made a device to control the whole process which is called as ‘EQ Radio’ which access the human emotions through wireless signals but not via body sensors. As we all know human emotions are very complex and we can’t feel other person emotions accurately. But, think about a gadget/device that lets us know about someone’s feeling. It is something interesting right!!

EQ Radio will calculate the minute variations in the heartbeats and send these changes as emotions. This device gives 87% accurate in detecting the emotions. This Project has done keeping in mind that this tool would help much in medical sciences as a diagnosis to many diseases. The Project lead says,” Our Work shows that wireless signals can capture information about the human behavior that is not always visible to the naked eye.”

The EQ Radio works very well as it detects depressions, anxiety and much more like ECG machine. The signals which are emitted from the device are reflected off by the individual’s body and to the instrument.  These reflections are divided into parts to check the variations and determine the level of activation and any other benefits.

EQ Radio works more accurate than the Microsoft’s Emotion API when compared. The interesting thing about EQ Radio is it also detects the heart beats and also tells whether anybody’s heart skips a beat.

Hope this EQ device works well in the medical science and diagnose the diseases. Try out this Wi-Fi which detects the emotions you feel.

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