Whatsapp Tricks

How To Use Two Step Verification In Whatsapp For Security

WhatsApp Verification | whatsapp two step verification | whatsapp 2 step verification

Whatsapp Two step verification: It is very important to have security protocols which make the platform very secure & WhatsApp provides two step verification which enables the user to have an additional password to login to your account.Such type of security enables hackers to stop hacking our account.There are many platforms available which provide two …

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How To Use WhatsApp on Computer(PC) Without Phone Number

How to use whatsapp without phone number | whatsapp without phone number | whatsapp without phone on pc | how to use whatsapp on computer without phone

How to use WhatsApp on computer without phone number: Every people from the globe use WhatsApp for their daily communications but everyone uses its primary phone number for registration of WhatsApp. Now here are some tips for using which you can able to use WhatsApp without a phone number. As mentioned below there are …

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