Whats App Picture In Picture Mode, Text Only Status Update

WhatsApp rolled out two new features for Both Android & IOS platform which includes Whats App Picture In Picture Mode, Text Only Status Update.Until now the feature is only available for Beta users but now WhatsApp released both features in stable builds.

WhatsApp Picture-in-Picture video call

The new Picture-in-Picture video calling feature allows users to multitask. The feature basically allows the users to make video calls and send messages to friends at same time. For instance, if a user is on a video call and also wants to talk to some other friend via message, they can simply resize the video calling screen so they can talk to one friend via video call, and massage the other one. After resizing the video call screen will appear at one side of the mobile screen, while the background will be that of the chat box.This feature will be very useful for the users who like to do multitask.

WhatsApp PIP | WhatsApp | New Update

WhatsApp Status Update Feature

Every user share pictures and videos as status, IOS, and Android users will now be able to set a text status as well. It is different from the profile text status. We know that picture and videos on WhatsApp status last’s only for 24 hours.The Same rule will be applied to Text Status.

WhatsApp Text Status|WhatsApp Text Status


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