How to View Video Frame By Frame With VLC

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Extract Image from VideoVLC is one of the best freeware media players. So if you haven’t already added it to Windows 10, you can download VLC player for free.One of the best features in VLC is Frame by frame that enables you to play through each video one step at a time.

VLC Player| VLC Frame By Frame

How to view Video Frame by Frame:

To play through a video frame by frame, you can press a hotkey. First, open a video by selecting Media – Open File; and then play the video. Now press the E button on the keyboard. When you do that, the video will pause at the frame it was at. Keep pressing the E key to go through each video frame one at a time.

The E is the default hotkey for the Frame by frame option, but you can customize that keyboard shortcut and others. Click Tools – Preferences – Hotkeys to open a list of keyboard shortcuts as below. Then scroll down to Next frame on that window. Double-click that to open the window shown below.

You have to press the new hotkey for Next frame to configure it. Click the Save button on the Simple Preferences window. Then you can press the new Frame by frame keyboard shortcut.You can also have the option to activate Next frame with a toolbar button. If it’s not already on your playback toolbar, click Tools – Customize Interface to open the window shown below. Scroll down the Toolbar Elements list until you find the Frame by frame option. Drag that button somewhere onto Line 2 so that you can select the option on playback toolbar.

In this way, you can able to go through a video frame by frame either by using a Hotkey or by using the toolbar button.


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