Top Useful Android Apps That Are Not Available On Play Store

There are too many apps which are useful & not available on Play Store. Due to certain google policies, there are some apps which are not available officially on play store but they are very useful & as a result, most of the users don’t even know such applications exists.So here we are finding out top useful Android apps not available on play store.

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Most Useful App List


Tubemate is a video downloading app which enables the user to download YouTube videos up to Full HD format.The app also supports downloading of video from other social media platforms like facebook, daily motion etc.

Download Tubemate

Lucky Patcher:-

Lucky Patcher is an Android app which gives full control over the permissions you providing to other apps installed on your device. But to use this app there is the small condition, your device must be rooted.

Download Lucky Patcher

WiFi Kill:-

As the name indicates WiFi kill is basically a wifi network controller app. It basically uses to remove other devices from an internet connection which are connected to the same wifi network. If you are having WiFi then this app is very useful for you because this app will help to manage your connected devices.

Download WiFi Kill

Network Spoofer:-

This app basically uses to spoof your friend while he is using the internet, by using this app you can able to flip pictures, flip text, redirect the website to another page, replace words on websites from your smartphone.

Download Network Spoofer


Netease is an android app which helps you to stream & downloads the songs. The best part about this app is that it provides unlimited access to every song also the app does not charge any cost for downloading songs directly into your memory.

Download Netease

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