Tips & Tricks To Win Facebook Poke War With Your Friends

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Have you ever lost facebook poke war with your friends ??? Don’t worry now winning a poke war will not be a problem for you anymore.

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It is very difficult to poke back to your friend every time because you have to open it every time & you need to check out poke back button. The following tricks will help you to auto poke your friend every time when your friend poke you.

Now there are some extensions present for various browsers which can help you to auto poke your friend.

Important Extensions

If you are Chrome users then you can download this extension called YAAP

If you are a Mozilla user then you can download GreaseMonkey extension & after adding script

the script you can enjoy the auto poke.

Are Extensions Safe ???

Yes, 99% of the scripts on Greasemonkey is safe to install. But there are some scripts which can be malicious. You need to be careful and download only recommended scripts by trusted developers and you’ll remain safe.




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