4 Reasons iPhone 8 Is Basically An Android Smartphone

Apple already announces about the several new products along with the iPhone 8.The smartphone is expected to be unlike any of its predecessors, in honor of the 10th Anniversary of the product line.There are many leaks about the iPhone 8 which shows iPhone 8 should be a great product from Apple.

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A Glance of  Apple iPhone 8:

Apple iPhone 8 is expected to come with 5.1 inch OLED display which might be smaller displays as compared to iPhone featuring 5.5-inch displays. Apple is well known for devices with displays under 5-inches; older models have featured 4-inch and 4.7-inch displays. But screen sizes in the low 5-inch range have been more commonly seen on Android devices.

Following the overall smartphone industry, trends iPhone 8 will also be having bezel less display & there should be no physical home button on the smartphone.Devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S8 have helped propel this design into the mobile mainstream, but it hasn’t yet been introduced by Apple.Leaked images and renders suggest the iPhone 8 may feature an upper notch which will house the device’s sensors and speaker grill. The design is similar to the Essential PH-1, a device developed by Android founder, Andy Rubin.

Apple introduces water resistant smartphone iPhone7 & iPhone7 Plus after several years of Android handsets releasing devices with water resistance ratings between IP65 and IP68.Rumors suggest the iPhone 8 may support wireless charging, a feature, which has been seen on some premium Android devices for several years.

The Dual Camera feature is also Apple get it from Android, Android device Huawei P9 launched with the dual camera before the launch of iPhone7 Plus smartphone.

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