Top Google Gravity Tricks That You Must Try

Google gravity is a trick by which you can try something new on your device like all pages turns upside down, all pages falling down etc.. You can amaze someone, properly the person who doesn’t know what is Google gravity by using these tricks.

Amazing Google Tricks:-

  • Zero Gravity Google:-

By using this trick all the page content get fallen down & the best is that you through each of the content using your cursor.

Google Zero Gravity



  • Google Guitar:-

Google guitar will help you to play guitar on the search engine. with this, you can able to play happy birthday song, twinkle twinkle etc..

Google Guitar



  • Google Space:-

Google gravity space is another interesting trick which is like Google Anti Gravity where the content on the page get floats in the air (as like of zero gravity effect).

Google Space



  • Google Tilt:-

This trick is used to get the google search result in a tilted manner. To use this trick just open Google & type Tilt & hit enter.

Google Tilt

  • Google Gravity Mirror:- 

Google gravity mirror display all the search result in reversed order including text, images etc…To try this link visit

Google Gravity Mirror



  •  Google Games:-

You can able to play games like Pacman, Snake game on google search engine without downloading it in real.

Google Games

Try Pacman-

Try Snake-



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