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How to Password Protect a Zip file

How to password protect a zip file | How to password protect a zip folder | Password protect zip file | Password protect zip file mac

How to Password protect a Zip file: Any file or Folder in the Computer can be compressed into a Zip File. To Protect that Zip file, you can also add Password for authentication. This procedure helps the users to protect the files while Sharing through any medium. All the Encrypted …

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WhatsApp Updates For 2018 | Tips And Tricks WhatsApp

WhatsApp 2018

No doubt, WhatsApp, the most used messaging application around the world. Till now we have seen a lot of updates for this app.  So in this article, you will get all information about WhatsApp Updates For 2018. WhatsApp Updates For 2018 YOUTUBE PLAYER WhatsApp wants to integrate the possibility of writing into the app while …

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How to Set up and Activate New iPhone Perfectly

how to set up iphone | how to activate new iphone | set up new iphone | activate new iphone | how to activate iphone

How to set up iPhone:Every new device or Gadget has its setup is mandatory to kick-start the Complete Functionality. Only then, it gets ready to handle the tasks assigned by the users, and it never allows to start any mobile application without login process. You can set up a New iPhone …

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