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How To Turn Off Windows Defender?

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How To Stop Windows Defender? Windows Defender can be turned off both temporarily and “permanently”, in Windows. Windows Defender can also be disabled until you restart your computer again from the Settings, while you can also prevent Windows Defender by turning itself back on until you allow it to enable …

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How To Restore iPhone Without iTunes?

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Restore iPhone Without iTunes Restore iphone without itunes free iTunes is very much useful for our iPhone/iPad. It restores data or factory reset any iOS device if the deivce is frozen, locked or dead. There may be so many situations in which you would like to restore or factory reset …

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DELL G7 Laptop: A powerful Gaming Laptop

DELL G7 LAPTOP Quick Review: The Dell G7 laptop 15 is a middle size gaming laptop which has middle of the road GTX 1060 Max-Q graphics, and middling battery life, and as you all guessed it also has a mid-range price tag of $1,200. But the system also boasts a …

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How To Check Or Track Someone’s Location On Whatsapp?

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Track whatsapp user location!   Regardless of any reason you want to track someone’s location through WhatsApp without them knowing, here are some methods that can be helpful: You can Track someone’s Location Chatting on WhatsApp using Tracking Link You can Track WhatsApp Location via Command Prompt You can Find …

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Artificial Intelligence: The next big thing in the world

What is Artificial Intelligence? Artificial intelligence (AI) is an area of science that gives special importance for the creation of intelligent machines which are capable to react and work like human beings. The machine which completes the particular tasks involving a certain degree of intelligence was previously deemed only to …

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Artificial Intelligence – Definition, Tutorial, Examples

Artificial Intelligence(A.I) Tutorial The easiest way to think about artificial intelligence is in context of human after all humans are the most intelligent creature we know of. Artificial intelligence in short known as AI hence, AI is a branch of computer science the goal of AI is to create systems …

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5G Smartphones To Reach Market In 2019 | Tech News

5G Smartphones

In 2018, smartphone vendors will focus on delivering more compelling personalized experiences, via on-device (AI), virtual personal assistants and more natural user interfaces, but also through biometrics and further enhancements to display and camera features.So in this article, you will get all information about the news 5G Smartphones To Reach Market …

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