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Google Take Fight Over Record Antitrust Fine To EU Courts

Google| Google appealed To EU

Google took its fight(Google Fight) over a record European Union antitrust fine to the EU courts, starting a legal challenge that could take many years to conclude.The Owner of Google i.e world’s largest search engine said it filed its appeal on Monday at the EU’s General Court, based in Luxembourg. Why …

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Google May Buy Taiwanese Smartphone Maker HTC

Google Buying HTC

Many of you may know about the deal in 2012 when Google Buy Motorola at $12.5 billion. Now the latest report says Google all set to buy struggling smartphone maker HTC (Google May Buy Taiwanese Smartphone Maker HTC). Google Acquiring HTC According to a report in the Chinese publication Commercial Times, Google …

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Top Google Gravity Tricks That You Must Try

Google Zero Gravity

Google gravity is a trick by which you can try something new on your device like all pages turns upside down, all pages falling down etc.. You can amaze someone, properly the person who doesn’t know what is Google gravity by using these tricks. Amazing Google Tricks:- Zero Gravity Google:- …

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Google pixel and pixel xl revealed

Google pixel and pixel xl revealed which looks like iphone Google pixel and pixel xl revealed, Google introduced their both new smartphones pixel and pixel xl which are similar to the iphone and it features. Where it looks similar to iphone, Pixel and Pixel xl phones feature a Siri-like virtual assistant, …

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How to Use Social Media For Internet Marketing?

Use Social Media For Internet marketing Social media are network services that allow people to interact with others. They allow individuals to create and share information through online communities. These social media platforms present huge marketing opportunities for all kinds of businesses. You can use these platforms to promote your …

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