How To Mute Auto Playing Videos/Audio From Websites

Consider the case that you are browsing on the Internet & suddenly a video or dialogue starts with a loud noise. There are many websites which start playing videos.

Autoplay videos | Stop Auto play Videos & Audio

Stop Auto Playing Videos

In a couple of years, back many sites have used additional plug in software like Adobe Flash to show most of the videos on site.Nowadays most of the today’s browser now switch from older Adobe Flash technology to new HTML 5 technology. Today’s browsers have made easy to mute sites on individual tabs that autoplay video or audio.


Disable HTML5 Autoplay extension helps you to mute video from websites. Once you install this plugin on your Chrome browser then it automatically prevents the audio & video clip from playing.You also get the option on that website by using which you can enable some particular websites to show videos & audios.

This chrome extension enables to block all sites audio.Then you have to right click the extension button in your browser to bring the context menu.From the menu option, you can enable & disable sites from muted with options like “allow this time only”.

  • Mozilla Firefox:-

If you are using Mozilla Firefox browser then there is no need to install any plugin because the browser itself has the capability to mute the Audio & Vidoe.To use the option follow the below steps:-

  1. Type “about:config” into URL bar
  2. If you get warning message hit enter & continue
  3. type “autoplay” into the search box
  4. this brings “media.autoplay.enabled” Double click & disable that option
  • Opera Mini:-

To mute sound from all other tabs is so simple, right click on any tab & click”Mute Other Tabs”.

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