How To Save Your Android Smartphone Battery Life

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It has no doubt that most of the people spend their time by using their smartphone on daily basis without using other gadgets like a laptop, tablet. Show battery life is one of the most important factors while using the smartphone. So here are some tips by using which you can save your Android smartphone battery life.

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Tips to Save Your Android Smartphone Battery Life:

  • Brightness

Turn off auto brightness mode from your smartphone and change it accordingly so that it requires less power. Go to Settings-Display Settings-Brightness

  • Applications

Go to setting-Apps and check which app is running in the background and reducing too much battery. If you find this application is not useful then uninstall it. Go to Settings-Application Manager

  • Battery Saver

Every smartphone nowadays comes with in-built battery saver feature so make sure you turn it on when you require.

This option is probably you find in battery settings. Go to Settings-Battery-Battery Saver

  • Data

Make sure to turn off your Internet service when you are not using it. Most probably when you are charging your device, idle time.Go to Settings-MobileNetwork-Mobile Data

  • Background apps

Background application section must be cleared if you are not using that particular app. Because if the app runs in the background then it required the battery. Swipe the unwanted applications simply by swiping to Left/Right.

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