Samsung Galaxy A70 Review, Specs, Features and Design


Samsung Galaxy A70 Review And Design:

samsung galaxy A70 review, samsung galaxy specs, samsung galaxy features


The very new Galaxy A70 is the Samsung’s latest attempt at offering a premium experience at less than half the cost of any mobile, with features that include an in-display fingerprint sensor, a triple rear camera, and large Super AMOLED display. There is also support for Samsung Pay, to make the Galaxy A70 one of the few features Galaxy A-series phones have.

Samsung Galaxy A70 Features:

Samsung Galaxy A70 also looks like a super-sized version of Galaxy A50, and which is not a bad thing. Galaxy A70 also inherits the A50’s curved edges and of course the iridescent gradient effect on its rear panel. While the other brands are experimenting with many different color schemes and many patterns, Samsung has long gone with understated dark shades of grey, and also topped it off with an iridescent layer that also changes colors beautifully when any light reflects off it at different angles.

Samsung Galaxy A70, which comes in a total of the three color options viz. Black, White, and Blue, and all three of which exude the iridescent gradient effect, but also to a different extent. This smartphone is a blend of metal, plastic, and glass. The glossy rear panel of this mobile looks like it is made of glass, but is made of plastic that mimics the depth and reflective properties of glass.

Samsung Galaxy A70 Specifications:

The large 6.7-inch Super AMOLED display of this model is perfect and is also a key highlight of the Galaxy A70. These Colours just pop out, and the on-screen content is vibrant and also crisp without any fuzziness or oversaturation, and on this model, we get deep blacks and high contrast. Be it while playing games or watching videos on Netflix, and the quality of the screen also ensures an excellent viewing experience.

Though the large screen makes this Samsung Galaxy A70 much tricky to handle, it also has its perks. The First-person shooter games were also particularly enjoyable, as the large display not only makes it’s content more immersive, but also it allows on-screen controls to be much well-spaced.

The Photos clicked by the Galaxy A70 also turned out to be sharp with good edge detail and also at the decent dynamic range. And the Macro shots are also a strong suit of the phone. Galaxy A70 is also quick at locking focus and it produced shots with many natural colors, good depth, and some fine surface details.

There is minimal color bleeding at those edges of the objects in focus and the depth in the close-up shots was also decent.

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