New features of Whatsapp- Whatsapp to get ads in status?


WhatsApp is now planning to bring the number of new features like bringing Status ads and Dark Mode to its stable this app. These features are the Facebook-owned messaging service, which is testing right now. It also is testing and developing the number of features in its beta channel which includes Dark Mode, in-app browsing, and the reverse image search, group privacy settings, which have been frequently forwarded message restriction to name few.

This has also been confirmed that the status, which is the Stories equivalent on WhatsApp will now get ads in 2020 While most of the features are under development, and some of them have been enabled in the beta program.
This move has now been confirmed by the social media giant at the annual Facebook Marketing Summit which was held in Rotterdam, Netherland.

Facebook has also announced that it will now be bringing ads to the WhatsApp by 2020. WhatsApp stories will have ads just like the Instagram Stories, and the details of this were spotted on twitter from the Facebook Marketing Summit held at the Rotterdam showcasing about how ads will appear on WhatsApp in the Status feature.

Facebook, which is the official company of WhatsApp, has also announced that WhatsApp Status stories will start getting an advertisement in 2020. Also, Facebook revealed the new feature on WhatsApp application at an annual Facebook Marketing Summit in Rotterdam, Netherland.

“Whatsapp now will bring Stories Ads in the status product in 2020,” was a statement tweeted by Olivier Ponteville, who is the media head at BeConnectAgency.

And according to Olivier Porterville, the advertisements will also be shown between WhatsApp stories, just like Instagram stories and now in the picture, Olivier also explained that stories would be displayed on the entire screen and then a link will redirect users to the website.

Matt Navarra, a social media consultant, and commentator, also posted on Twitter about the new features that Facebook will be adding on WhatsApp soon. Also Including the ads on WhatsApp’s status-stories, the other two features are the Richer messaging format options and also the integration of WhatsApp product catalog with the existing Facebook Business Manager catalog.

Facebook also wants users to communicate with their business using Whatsapp, hence the ad features are described as “Ads that Click to WhatsApp. And the second feature which involves Instagram is described as Ads that Click To Whatsapp. And the third plan involves bringing the in-app ads to the status section of the tools like Instagram stories.

And Users will also be able to swipe up to visit the advertisement or any embedded link, similar to Instagram stories.
Facebook also plans to introduce the richer messaging format options and also an integration of Whatsapp product catalog apart from all these so that the users can see the products before buying.

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