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Google recently launched its first wireless earbuds called Google Pixel Buds along with Pixel 2, Pixel 2XL, Pixel Book, Home Mini, Home Max and Google Clips.The new pixel buds from google offer lots of similar features as like of Apple Air pods like touch controls, battery case, pairing the phone with earbuds.

Google Pixel Buds

Google Pixel Buds

As like of Apple Air Pods Pixel buds are not completely wireless because they come with neck buds with a cloth cord connecting both the buds. There is also a built-in feature to access the Google Assistant. Now accessing messages, setting reminders and also getting directions is easy and can be achieved by tapping the surface which gives access to Google assistant.

Google Assistant will read a message after double tapping the right-earbud when you hear a notification. Pixel owners with Pixel Buds have another advantage. Pixel owners will have an exclusive opportunity to get real-time translations with the Pixel Buds and Google Translate. For example, when you hold the earbud and say “Help me speak Spanish” and speak a sentence and then release the finger, the Google Translate on the Pixel will translate it to you. In the same way, when the other person speaks, you will hear in the right ear. Google Translate can translate between 40 different languages.


The Pixel Buds are available at the cost of $159 & will be available from November 2017.The earbuds come in three different colors including Black, Blue, and White.

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