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Music player app with lyrics for android offlineLyrics are one of the most important elements in a good song, and singing along can be extremely enjoyable and help us to express ourselves. Sometimes it is very difficult to listen to the proper lyrics of the songs if the song is playing in very poor quality.

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Best Lyrics Apps For Android

It is the very popular app on Android with almost 1.7 million songs.You can engage with the Genius community to share your knowledge or learn from others, and find verified content from producers and artists about the tracks. The app will also tell you what’s hot on Genius at the moment and there’s a new artists page as well as a music catalog.

Lyrics Mania has an extensive database of song lyrics that you can search by artist or song title and features an integrated music player offering lyrics in real time. Like many other apps of this type, it can display lyrics of songs being played on an external player such as Spotify and Google Play Music, or it can identify a song being played in your vicinity and quickly give you the lyrics.

It is also the most popular app with million of download. Musixmatch is rich in features and claims to have the largest collection of lyrics in the world with synchronized lyrics for Pandora, Spotify, Google Play Music, YouTube and more. It features a Floating Lyrics widget that simply needs to be tapped to show the lyrics of the current track, and can identify songs being played near you and give the lyrics of those.

You surely like the music if you heard from Shazam.It’s one of the most well-established music identifying apps and is used by millions of people across the world. Apart from recognizing music, it has a ton of other features, and of course one of those is providing song lyrics.

This app also available in offline to identify music & can be sync across all devices.

This is another popular music player app that many people will have heard of, and it has some neat features that are a little different. You can get real-time karaoke-style lyrics for songs as well as videos, and a hands-free search simply by saying the magic words, “OK Hound, what’s that song?” Other hands-free features include access to playlists, your SoundHound music history, news of emerging artists, popular tracks worldwide, new titles, playback controls and more, although you can still access those via the usual modes, tapping, swiping, or typing.

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