10 Hidden Features Of iPhone that You Don’t Know

As we know iPhone is the most popular smartphone in the world and millions of people use iPhone. iPhone has many amazing features, and many people love to use it. Even the people who use iPhone are unaware of some hidden features in it. Here in this article am going to provide 10 Hidden Features of iPhone that you don’t know. Some of you might know few of these features, but many would make you surprise.

Here’s the List of Hidden Features of iPhone

Respond to the Text while using another App

You may find difficult to text while using another video but iPhone allows you for texting while you are using another App by swiping down from the top and access the notification bar to send a text as you do on the lock screen.

Change the Gender of Siri

iPhone has a feature that you can access your phone without touching. Yes, Siri helps you to access i-Phone without touching. You can observe all the iPhone device has Siri voice as Female by default, but iPhone has provided an option to change the voice of Siri.

Send Audio and Video Messages that Self-Destruct

Texting to a message is a standard feature on all the mobile phones. But through iPhone, you can send audio snippets and video messages that expire after two minutes or never. You can see these feature in Settings > Messages then scroll down to the bottom where you can see Audio and Video messages.

Control iPhone by just moving your head

Open Settings > General >Accessibility and then scroll down to ‘Interaction’ subhead and tap on ‘Switch Control’ which get ON. Now tap ‘Switches’ and ‘Add New Switch.’ Select Camera and choose Left Head Movement or Right Head Movement.  Now you have to pick an action in ‘System’ menu which tasks to perform when you move your head.

Undo Typo with simple shake of your iPhone

Just shake your iPhone if you want to edit something like rewriting the text in an email, mistake while editing your photo or texting. It is as same as Ctrl-Z on PC/Laptop.

Access emergency medical information directly from the lock screen

In iOS 8 you see an inbuilt Health App in which you can set up a Medical ID and access medical information without unlocking your iPhone. You have to tap ‘Emergency’ button on the keypad and enter your passcode then you can see Medical ID on the left corner.

View every photo someone has texted you and vice versa

If you want to see the photos sent by someone you will go through Photos app and see. But iPhone has a feature to view the photos and videos you have sent by just clicking on details in the messaging app.

Close more than one app at a time

Many people who use iPhone close the minimized apps one by one. But iPhone allows you to close more than one app by swiping up with two or three fingers at a time.

iPhone has inbuilt back button

Many Android phones have back buttons which make you go the previous page, but iPhone does not have such option. To use the same feature, you can swipe your finger from left edge to right edge at the bottom of your screen visit the previous page.

Let your Friends track where you go

This is an amazing feature which makes you surprise as you can share your location with your friends and families. This feature will help you when you are in an emergency.

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