iPhone 11 Release Date, Price, Specifications, Features & Design


Apple has a habit of creating and sticking to several patterns in releasing various iPhones each passing year. But we’re still a long way for its next release, rumors starting to float around the world about iPhone 11 Release Date. After finalizing the design of the next iPhone which is likely in summer, Apple wants to provide every detail about its next release. But much before the iPhone 11 Release Date, information on the iPhone started leaking from Apples’ supply chain.

The launch event of iPhones always takes place in September and generally falls early on second Tuesday of the month.

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iPhone 11 Release Date, Price, Specifications, features & design

iPhone 11 Release Date, Specifications, features, Price, design and Many more:

Possible iPhone 11 release date is on 10th September:2019.

  • Launch date: 10-9-2019
  • Release date: 20-9-2019

There are roughly six months for the iPhone 11 launch, and the rumors about iPhone 11 are running wild.

Have a look at some of the features of upcoming iPhone 11 release.

  1. Camera
  2. Two – way wireless charging
  3. Easy to handle in underwater and rain.

Here are some of the important iPhone 11 features in the market which provides a special attraction to next release.

1. No notch:

Apple decided to get rid of the notch design iPhone’s starting from 2019 models and is having several discussions with relevant companies. According to industry insiders, the new display will be a rectangular display which will fill the front of upcoming iPhone’s.

2. iPhone 11 Design:

Several reports suggest that Apple next release won’t change its design much in 2019. It means the company will keep the same notch design it introduced with the iPhone X in the year 2017 and doubled down on with the new iPhone release in 2018.

3. A better life of battery:

Previous iPhone’s have less battery life when compared to other mobile companies. According to inside reports, they have designed batteries in such a way that they provide better results when compared to previous releases.

4. Esim only:

The ESIM feature brings several advantages to networks and device manufacturers. Apart from device manufacturers, but there are some advantages for users too. Users could use one mobile number for business and another number for personal calls. They can have a data roaming SIM for use in another country. Apart from these unique features, they could even have separate voice and data plans.

iPhone 11 Specifications:

  • Triple rear cameras
  • 5.8-inch display
  • 4000 mAh battery

iPhone 11 Price:

Here are the prices for the iPhone 11: Ranges from Rs.68,800 to Rs.1,01,990

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