Apple iPhone X, iPhone 8 drop Test, and this is what happened?

Apple has been advertising and marketing the iPhone X for its large OLED display screen with minimum bezels. And it is remember the fact that that with a larger display screen, comes extra probabilities of getting it cracked or chipped. To not fail to remember, getting a damaged display screen …

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5 Best Fast Charging Power Adapters For iPhones

There’s nothing much better and important than a handy travel charger that lets you keep your iPhone charged up at all the times whenever required. A portable iPhone wall charger that’s got two or more USB ports with the right rating can help you charge more than one device. And if …

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10 things you need to know about iPhone X

Here are 10 things you should know about iPhone X. The X is silent For starters, the new phone is pronounced “ten,” not “X,” at least according to Apple executives speaking about it on stage. All glass The iPhone X will have glass on both the front and the back, …

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How to switch off (Shut Down) iPhone & iPad

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How to switch off (Shut Down) iPhone & iPad: The battery is one of the most important elements in the smartphone. Most of the users don’t like to charge their smartphone again & again.Turning your phone off is especially helpful if the battery is critically low but you know you’ll need your …

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How to clear cache and App data on iPhone & iPad

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How to Clear Cache and App Data on iPhone & iPad: We all know that running the app in background requires lots of memory and battery it also disturbs the cache management.Clearing app cache is often overlooked when seeking ways to improve the performance and battery life. So here are the …

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How to Fix Face ID Not Working On iPhone X

Face ID isn’t Working away on your iPhone and you don’t know why. You can even now sign in utilizing your password, yet in the event that you’re similar to a great many people, the iPhone Face ID include was one of the principle offering focuses when you purchased your …

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Top 5 Photo Editing Applications For Apple IOS Platform

Photo Editing IOS

Everyone likes to capture the movements of their camera and editing adds some special effect to your captured photo. So in this article, I will tell you top 5 photo editing applications for Apple iOS platform. Photo Editing Applications Snapseed Snapseed is the best application for the photographer where one …

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