Apple Rolled Out iOS 11.2.1 Updates | iOS Latest Update

IOS 11.2.1 Update

Apple has pushed iOS 11.2.1 for iPhone and iPad. It was only two weeks before the Cupertino-based tech company rolled out the full-blown iOS 11.2. Moreover, the latest update is the 8’th update after its introduction in September 2017. So in this article, I will tell you about iOS 11.2.1 Update. iOS …

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IOS App Developers Have Now Earned $86 Billion | Tech News

IOS App Developers

Apple announced today that iOS app developers have now earned $86 billion dollars in revenue. That’s partially due to paid apps, but largely thanks to in-app purchases of game advantages and virtual in-game currencies. IOS App Developers “During the week starting on Christmas Eve, a record number of customers made purchases or downloaded …

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How to Free up space on mac | Tips And Tricks

how to free up space on mac | how to clear disk space on mac | clear up space on mac | how to clean up mac hard drive | how to free up disk space on mac

How to clear disk space on mac: Making Free Space in iOS Device is Tough and You can use Free Effective Tricks to avoid the Storage spaces issue. Every Activity on Mac adds an extra file that occupies some part of the Disk Drive. So you need to make sure to …

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How to Create(make) a Zip File on Mac PC

how to create a zip file | how to make a zip file | how to open a zip file | how to compress files on mac | how to make a zip file on mac

How to make a zip file on Mac: Zipping a file can help you in many ways. You can send the attachments with no errors raised for Memory. Also, it occupies less space on the Hard Drive. Overall, it is easy to Transfer and store in Any Drive. You can …

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How to disable pop up blocker on Mac Safari | Tips & Tricks

pop up blocker safari | how to disable pop up blocker | how to disable pop up blocker on mac | how to turn off pop up blocker on safari | how to get rid of pop up ads on mac

How to turn off pop up blocker on safari: Most of the Web pages contains Advertisements and few of them irritate the visitor with several pop-up ads that might leave you in anonymous pages. So to avoid these kinds of issues, we must Turn-ON the Pop-up Blocker Feature. This Feature will …

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