5 Best-Rated iPhone Emulators for Windows PC to access IOS Apps


IOS Emulator for iPhone Apps on Windows PC: It has no doubt that everyone wants to use iPhone apps from the huge collection of iOS applications and games from Apple App store. But unfortunately, many users do not have the iPhones & iPads to run the apps so here are some emulators which are capable to run IOS apps on Windows OS(iPhone Emulator for PC).

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Top Rated iPhone(IOS) Emulators for Windows PC :

MobiOne Studio

MobiOne Studio is one of the best iOS emulators for Windows PC that enables you to run all iOS games and applications for free on Windows computer. It works for developing cross-platform mobile apps for iOS and Android systems.

This application basically creates a Platform to run the Mobile & IOS applications  on the Windows PC without any other tools. MobiOne directly gives access to iOS Apps on Windows.

iPhone Simulator

It is an app that provides you iPhone interface before having an actual iPhone. With its interface, you can try out default applications that come with standard iPhone. iPhone Simulator comes with great graphics quality; it lets you test iPhone’s  features like you can access clock, calculator, notepad, and iOS system preferences.


iPadian is also one of the most popular emulators for IOS on Windows platform.This emulator lets you feel and touch the new iOS 10 on your Windows system with amazing features like iMessage, Siri. Apart from that, you can also try watching OS and TvOS. iPadian has the user-friendly interface with lots of advanced features and is highly customizable.

AIR iPhone

It is an Adobe AIR application that provides iPhone’s GUI and enables you to run iOS applications on it. The emulator is designed to replicate the graphical user interface of the mobile phone. This Replication of mobile Phone can never miss the Whole Graphics and presents the same Visuals of iPhone & Android


Appetize.io is another great online iOS emulator that lets you run iOS apps as well as Android apps on it. If you want to run both Android and iOS apps, Appetize is a great way to do so. This emulator is also a great tool for testing apps if you are the developer and want to test any app.


SmartFace works for both IOS and Android Applications to use them on Windows PC. using SmartFace, you can get access to all native apps on PC without any hassle. With access to the SmartFace Platform, there are several applications to be applicable on Windows System


Ripple creates a Cross-Platform to allow the IOS Applications to be installed on the Windows Machine. The Smooth functionality of this application will give the user a better experience on the Mobile apps


iMAME IOS Emulator is a Perfect choice for iPhone Game Lovers, it is mainly built to get the iPhone Games accessible on the Windows PC. This Emulator will allow the Gamers to get the Great Visual experience on Windows PC itself

Download the iMAME application now and get the access to all the IOS & even Android Apps on Windows Machine for Free

Remoted IOS Simulator:

Remoted IOS Simulator works similar to Bluestacks app and it has one more special feature than it. That is it allows to access IOS Apps on Windows PC along with Android Apps & Games

Using Remoted IOS Simulator Application on Windows Computer, you can play all the android and IOS games without any hanging issue. And As the Game is accessible on PC, you can experience High Quality graphics of the game in Big Screen than Spotting it on 5.5inches Mobile Screen.

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