How to use whatsapp without Phone number And SIM

WhatsApp is a messenger app that allows to exchange text, images, videos etc with end-to-end encryption for Android, iPhone, Windows, Blackberry, Java users. It’s free and easy to use.

Follow these steps to use WhatsApp without phone number

1. Sign up for Primo: Open the primo app, and tap to ‘SIGN UP’ button. You have to put a valid phone number in the number section, and tap to to ‘Send confirmation code‘ button to verify the phone number. Now enter a valid e-mail edress, also you have to verify the e-mail address.

2. Get a free Primo Us +1 phone number: After create a Primo account, now you have to apply to get a us +1 number. As you can see the screenshot there’s a ‘Primo US Phone Number‘ option, just tap to ‘BUY’ button of this option. Then, Select the ‘Free Trail‘ to get a Us +1 phone number (FREE), validity for 8 days. Whatever, you just need to use the number to verify the WhatsApp one time.

3. Create a WhatsApp account using the number: Now, you got a Us +1 phone number. You can use the phone number to create a whatsApp account. Open whatsapp app tap ‘AGREE AND CONTINUE‘ Now put the Us phone number to the number section. Put number along +1 country code. Tap to ‘Next‘

Now enjoy using WhatsApp without Phone Number

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