How To Take 360 Degree Photo and upload On Facebook

How to take and upload 360 degree photo to FacebookFacebook for IOS is always been great for iPhone users.There are many tools available on IOS by using which you can able to take 360-degree photo’s on Facebook. Facebook recently rolled an update for iPhones & iPads by using which Apple users now able to upload 360-degree photos directly from the official Facebook application.Up till now, Panorama photos option is available for both Facebook camera & iPhone camera app but now in the latest build, the Facebook camera app is available with the 360-degree photo.

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Steps To Take 360-Degree Photo

  • Open Facebook App On iPhone/iPad
  • In the Home, click on Select status
  • After that, choose 360 Degree Photo from available option
  • Your device camera will open & for opening it asks you for permission (Click On OK)
  • Follow the path indicated by the app on screen
  • Done

After recording a 360-degree shoot on your iPhone it will ask you for whether you want to save as normal photo or as the photo in 360-degree. By simply clicking on Publish you can able to publish the photo on your Facebook profile.

Steps To Take 360-Degree Photo In Android

If you are an Android user, then the option for the 360-degree photo is not available yet in the official Facebook app but there are the couple of Android app available by using which you can take 360-degree shots & publish it on your FB profile.

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