How To Recover Deleted Files In Windows 10

Now fortunately, the permanently deleted files can be recovered with prompt action.

how to recover deleted files, Recover files in windows

  • Steps to Recover the Permanently Deleted Files in the Windows 10

Below are the steps that you should follow in the sequence to get back all the permanently deleted files in Windows.

Step 1: You may use Backup

You have to check your recent backup if you are using Windows backup and restore permanently deleted files in your Windows 10.

In order to restore all the data from a backup, you have to connect the backup storage media to your Windows 10 PC and then follow the below steps:

Open ‘Control Panel’ an go to the ‘System and Maintenance>Backup and Restore.

You have to then click the ‘Restore my files’ and then follow the wizard to restore lost files.

In case the option ‘Restore my files’ isn’t visible, you  may also click ‘Select another backup to restore all the files from’ and then follow the restore wizard.

Step 2: You can use the Restore Previous Versions:

You have to Right-click on the folder that before contained the permanently deleted file(s) or the folder(s)

Then Choose the ‘Restore previous versions.’

And from the available versions, you may choose the one dated when files were present there

And then you may Click ‘Restore’ or drag & now drop the desired version at any location on the system.

  • Recover deleted files in windows 10 using iBeesoft Data Recovery app:

Step 1:You may download and then run undeleted Windows 10 tool

You can download the free trial version of iBeesoft Data Recovery for your Windows 10 PC/laptop and then install it. You have to then Launch it. In this application, by default, all the file types are selected. You may also uncheck the ones you don’t need by checking it. And then click “Start” to let the file recovery Windows 10 software to scan all your deleted files.

Step 2.  You have Select where to scan the lost files in Windows 10

In windows 10, you are supposed to select the partition or some other drives to scan the deleted files. You know where you had saved them, right? So, click “Scan” button to recover all your deleted files in your Windows 10. In case you deleted files from desktop, download, recycle bin or any other system folders. You have to select the system partition.

Step 3. You can then Recover deleted files in Windows 10

You can now choose the deleted files you need, and then click “Recover” to save them again to your computer. And, if the files you need are not found, you can try the “deep scan” function. Doing this will scan your computer carefully and more deeply for the deleted files or folder.

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