How to find(Track) a Lost Android phone | Tips & Tricks

How to find(Track) a Lost Android phoneThere are many cases when users smartphones get stolen or they misplaced their phones. So in cases, tracking of the smartphone is the best way to find it out. So in this article, I will tell you How To Track Your Lost Android Smartphone.

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Track Your Lost Android Smartphone

Most Android phones now come with Find My Device (formerly Android Device Manager) built in. This service will automatically track your phone’s location, so if it ever goes missing you can hop on your laptop or a friend’s phone and find it’s last known location, ring your phone if it’s nearby and you need a hint or lock and/or erase your phone if you fear it has been stolen.

How To Locate Device

  • Launch a web browser from a phone, tablet, or computer.
  • Navigate to Google if it is not your default search engine or homepage.
  • Type find my phone android in the Google search bar.
  • Tap on Find My Device (usually the first option in the search).
  • Enter your email address and password just as though you were checking your email. If you have 2-step verification set up on your Google account (and you most certainly should), you’ll need to complete that process as well.

Once Your phone gets located you can do following things with your phone

  • You can Ring your phone so that it makes noise (even if you had it on silent). This feature is helpful if the map indicates that the phone is within earshot and you simply can’t see it.
  • You can Lock your phone so that the finder can’t access your home screen. This feature is most helpful if your phone wasn’t previously secured with a passcode or a fingerprint sensor.
  • You can Erase your phone. This is the best option if you know for certain that you aren’t likely to retrieve your phone.

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