How to Factory Reset Windows 10 from Startup | Tips & Tricks

How to factory reset Windows 10 from StartupRestoring your computer or tablet to the state it came out of the factory can be handy for a number of different reasons. Perhaps you’re having problems with performance, it’s picked up a virus, or you simply want to sell it on and remove all your programs, files, passwords, and other sensitive information.So in this article, I will tell you about How To Reset Laptop To Factory Settings.

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Reset Laptop To Factory Settings

  • First of all, click on the Settings icon in the menu, then select Update & security. Alternatively, type Reset into the search tab.
  • From the Update & security menu, select Recovery. This will bring up two options: Reset this PC and Advanced start-up. For restoring your laptop, you’ll want to select the first option.
  • Now you’ll have three options: Keep my filesRemove everything andRestore factory settings. The first choice will keep your personal files, and is good for generally refreshing settings and removing installed apps. The second choice will also remove your personal files, while the last choice also reinstalls the original version of Windows that came on your laptop. It may be worth noting which version of Windows your laptop came with – for example, if your laptop came with Windows 8, that’s the version that’ll be initially installed.
  • If you decide to keep your files, you’ll be presented with a list of apps that will be affected and then asked to confirm the reset. The other two options involve further questions. If you have multiple drives on your machine, you’ll need to decide whether to remove the files from all drives, or just the drive where Windows is installed. For a full reset, choose the latter option.
  • You’ll then be given the option to clean your drives as well as remove files. If you’re just refreshing your own machine, the first option is much quicker. If you’re planning to pass on your laptop, it will be worth cleaning the drive. This will take longer but will make it much harder for anyone to recover your removed files.
  • Finally, you’ll be given a breakdown of what will happen to your laptop if you restore it to factory settings. If you’re happy with this, you can click Restore and the process will begin.

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