How To Delete Snapchat Story | Snapchat Tips And Tricks

Storys are now very much popular on all social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, facebook etc… So in this article, you will get all information about How To Delete Snapchat Story | Snapchat Tips And Tricks.

How To Delete Snapchat Story | Delete Snapchat Story | Snapchat

Delete Snapchat Story

The basic difference is the stories are compilations of snaps all rolled into one, basically meaning you can have a super long story. Snaps are great for individual images and quick moments, but when you want to show how a series of moments unfolds to something larger, there you run into problems. You could send a series of individual Snaps, but that takes a lot of time, and you can’t guarantee that your recipients are going to read them in the right order. Stories bypass all these problems. Your Story lasts for 24 hours. You will notice that when someone views a story that it plays from the oldest to newest so it makes sense and in chronological order.

How To Delete Snapchat Story

  • Open your Snapchat app and you’ll want to swipe right to view the page with your story on it.
  • Tap on your name next to your own story and you will notice that all of the various snaps that make up your story will pop up.
  • If you want to delete a single snap, this is the point at which you can select the snap that you want to delete by tapping on it.
  • Now, tap the X icon to the right of the snap to delete it and remove it from your story permanently.
  • You can continue the process for all of your snaps if you want to remove your entire story.

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