How To Connect Laptop To TV

Connect Laptop To TV

connect laptop to tv, how to connect laptop to tv


This task is no rocket science, and it can be easily accomplished by following these simple steps.
Learn these easy steps in a jiffy and your task is done.

The detailed procedure for this task is as follows:

Step 1 : Turn on your laptop.

Step 2: Turn on you TV as well.

Before we advance to the next step, we are going to establish a connection using a HDMI port.

Step 3: Take a HDMI cable and then connect it to both the laptop and TV at the HDMI PORTS.

And then your connection is established. Follow this easy 3 step-guide and teach yourself this small connection.


If your TV is a smart TV then you can connect the laptop to your TV without a cable.

Now let’s see how to establish this connection. So, basically in Smart TV’s there is an inbuilt option of “PC CAST” which means that the screen sharing is possible by connecting the laptop and TV.

Step 1: A link is provided when you select “PC CAST” in your smart TV.

Step 2:Using this link, open it in your laptop.

Step 3: a unique code is also provided in your TV to establish the connection.

Step 4: download the required software into your laptop.

Step 5 : A dialog box with a space is given to enter the code.

Step 6: Enter the given code in to the link opened in our laptop.

Thus, your connection is established without a cable.

Follow this easy 6-step guide and become a pro in operating your smart TV.

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