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It has no doubt that most of the users use Android operating system than others.Also android provides you lots of customization option available, So in this article, I will tell you How To Change Font In Android.

Android Font

Change Font In Android


Stock Android doesn’t have a built-in method for changing system fonts; however, depending on the manufacturer of your phone and the flavor of Android that they install by default, you may have the feature available. For example, on older versions of Samsung’s TouchWiz interface:

  • Open Settings > Device > Fonts > Font Style

Samsung has an online store where you can purchase new fonts to use. To access the store, tap Get Fonts Online on the font changing screen. Each font can cost anywhere from $0.99 to $3.99.Again, non-Samsung devices may or may not have this feature by default. If your flavor of Android doesn’t have a built-in way to switch fonts, try one of the following apps instead.

Hi Font

HiFont is a free app on the Play Store and my weapon of choice when it comes to font changes. It comes equipped with hundreds of fonts that will replace the default system font of whatever version of Android you have. It’s incredibly easy to use and the font installation is separate from the app itself, so you can uninstall HiFont once you find the right font. Despite the fact that HiFont comes with its own fonts, you can install your own custom fonts through it as well.

Font Installer

Font Installer is another free app on the Play Store that lets you choose from a gallery of hundreds of fonts. Custom fonts can be installed directly on your phone’s SD card and fonts can be shared as well. This is one of the apps available in ROM Toolbox Pro, which should speak to the quality of Font Installer.

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