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How to Hide WhatsApp Chat in Android: WhatsApp Application has changed a lot in the terms of Features and you can actually see the changes on the WhatsApp Latest Version on your Mobile. The Special Features added till the recent Update of WhatsApp are Status Update, Document sharing, Voice and Video calling etc. This features have actually attracted more smart phone to prefer it other its Alternatives. And because of its security over Messaging , Most of the WhatsApp users continue to make it as First Priority in the Messaging Category. From the Recent search query for the WhatsApp Application , it is known that users want to hide their Conversations on WhatsApp. And here we are going to unveil the WhatAapp Feature that has the capability to Hide the WhatsApp conversations without any external source

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How to hide Whatsapp messages Chat

Hiding Whatsapp Application is Made Easy by the Built-in Features. And basically the only available way to hide the Whatsapp Chat is to Archive the Conversations and save them in Hidden mode. If you want to access the hidden chat, you need to unarchive the Files to get back to its Normal state. And this Process is mentioned clearly in the below Steps in Android & iOS device

On Android Mobile:

To Hide the chat of WhatsApp on Android device, Follow this:

  • Open the WhatsApp on your Mobile and head to Chat section
  • Scroll down till you reach that specific Chat to wanted to hide
  • Tap and Hold on the conversation to get the Chat options
  • From the Options, Click on ‘Archive Chat’ option to hide your Chat as Archive file
  • And to Hide Multiple Conversation, Click on ‘Three Dots’ visible on Top Right Corner
  • A menu will pop-up there you need to Click on Settings
  • Now a new Screen will be displayed on the WhatsApp now , navigate to Chat Settings
  • Finally you get to see ‘Archive All Chats’ option, Tap on it and Confirm with ‘OK’ button

This way you could hide the Chats on your Android Mobile without any hassle

On iPhones

Now let’s learn about hiding WhatsApp Chat on the iPhone, most of the steps in Android and iPhone are Same, it has slight in final step. So let’s Check out

  • Launch the WhatsApp Application on your iPhone device
  • Navigate to Chat Section on the WhatsApp device and scroll down to Reach the Particular Conversation to hide in the WhatsApp
  • Now Tap on that Conversation and Slide it towards Left to get the chat options
  • And From the Chat options, Click on ‘Archive’ to hide that chat from all the conversations
  • This way you can also hide all the conversations at once, or Simply navigate to ‘Settings’ option from Three dots icon
  • Then Click on ‘Archive All Chats’ to hide all the Conversations with a Single Click

By following the above steps you can hide the chats in the form of Archives and you don’t need to worry about it because, unless you restore it to normal state, no one can see them.

Restore Archive Messages

Archive messages can only be accessed by the User and all the archived Files must be Unarchived to view it Perfect online. Once any chat is archived, you can find the hidden chats by scrolling to the bottom of the Chat screen. Tap to view and restore any of your archived chats. To unarchive a chat, simply do a long press on any conversation > Unarchive chat

In this Complete article, you get to know about Hiding the Chat online inside the WhatsApp Application itself and also get back the file whenever you wanted online.

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