Google’s New feature on Maps!

As we all are very familiar that Google Maps is one of the most reliable navigation apps around, which allows users to be able to travel to their destinations using the best possible route while also being able to discover new places along the way. Google recently has announced a new set of upcoming updates to the top-rated navigation app, with the Explore button and also the Google Lens integrations being the most important of these updates.

One of the most important updates that Google announced during the past week is for Google Maps, which will now be having new features in the upcoming months. Google Maps is one of the popular Google services, as this provides users with a platform that allows users to navigate and travel more conveniently than before. This is also an essential local SEO tool that helps businesses and important locations become more visible.

Google is fitting that it receives some of the important updates that will help in improving all its user-friendliness and also introduce new features that help expand its functionality.

Few people may want to see some food pics in Google Maps, while the others may think it’s not a feature that we need in a navigation app. But accordingly, Google is testing a “Popular dishes” feature that would add many food menus with pictures crowdsourced from users to the search results.

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According to the report notes, few restaurants already offer a Menu tab which is seen inside Google Maps, but they don’t contain any images. But while Going forward that might change as the Menu page has tabs for various sections, and the food pictures are commonly included in the Popular tab. The report also notes that only the items that are frequently being cited in reviews have pictures.

While looking at actual images rather than any food menu that includes the price and description of any item that might be preferable, and also it might help you to decide where to eat without leaving Google Maps and would also help Google better compete with rivals like Yelp.

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And on the other hand, we might also be looking at extra bloat that we don’t need from an app that should first and foremost provide navigation directions. That says that the feature is only in testing, and it will be a while before it makes it to the final Android and iPhone versions of the Google Maps if it is even added to a release version at all.

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