Google Take Fight Over Record Antitrust Fine To EU Courts

Google took its fight(Google Fight) over a record European Union antitrust fine to the EU courts, starting a legal challenge that could take many years to conclude.The Owner of Google i.e world’s largest search engine said it filed its appeal on Monday at the EU’s General Court, based in Luxembourg.

Google| Google appealed To EU

Why Google Is Right To Take Fight To EU Regulators

Tribunal’s press service said,”Google hadn’t asked the court to suspend an EU order for it to change how it displays shopping-search services before it rules on the challenge.Intel Corporation waited eight years for a ruling on its legal challenge to a 2009 fine only to be told last week that the General Court must re-examine the case.

Google has already submitted a rough draft to regulators over changes it must make by Sept. 28 to avoid further fines, which should include giving equal treatment to rivals. That order came with a 2.4 billion euro ($2.9 billion) fine, more than double the 1.06 billion euros for Intel Corporation. Regulators also expected to levy fines in separate investigations into Google’s Android Mobile Phone Software possibly as soon as next month and the AdSense advertising service. Margrethe Vestager, the EU’s antitrust chief, has also threatened further probes on travel or map services.The European Commission said “it will defend its decision in court,” while Google declined to comment on details of its appeal.

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