Google News Feed Now Available Worldwide For Android

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The feature called Google Feed was originally launched in the United States in July but now Google has rolled out for global users.Google Feed is a feature that brings news depending on your search history & other online habits in the Google Search App itself.

Google News Feed|Google search app

Google News Feed

To get this feature on your Android you first need to update your Google Search App from Play Store.Google Feed is simple to use after opening Google Search App you will get the list of cards containing stories.These stories may be of News, but Google will often deliver music and sports-related updates, recipes, travel information etc.

If you have not used the Google standard search engine settings the stories will likely be frighteningly relevant. This is because Google looks at your search, Maps and YouTube history, location, device information and other details it knows about you to deliver these. These also change according to your habits & Interest.You also have the option to Customize your feed.

With the introduction of the feed, the Google Now brand is going away, and the updates it used to contain are moving towards secondary tab called “updates.” The main space under the search bar will now contain a stream of cards related to your interests. In a demo at Google’s offices in San Francisco on Tuesday, a product manager’s feed included articles about the Oakland Athletics, a trending article about the Tour de France, and a 10-month-old blog post about a classical musician who she had previously seen in concert.


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