Google Assistant can now control Chromecasts from your Android or iOS handset


The Google Chromecast allows you to stream content through your television set by plugging it into your set’s HDMI port. Simple as that. But only a Google Home smart speaker would allow you to bark a command to Google Assistant demanding that Chromecast stream a particular bit of content. Not even your expensive edge-to-edge models like the Samsung Galaxy S8 or the Essential Phone could do that.

Well folks, those days are over. Late last night, Google confirmed that you can now control Chromecasts with Google Assistant on your Android or iOS flavored handset. For example, you can specify the music or video that you want streamed, and you can also specify where you want your request to play (Chromecast Audio, TV, built-in speakers). Furthermore, you can control the volume, skip songs, pause, resume and stop the streaming.

So now, you don’t need to purchase a Google Home smart speaker just to control your Chromecasts from Google Assistant. All you need is Google Assistant running on your trusty Android or iOS smartphone.

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