All About Microsoft Mix Reality Virtual Reality Headsets

In 2016, Microsoft revealed that they working on virtual reality headset which helps to pave the way for widespread adoption technology.  Several devices from these are shown at IFA in Berlin.Mix Reality virtual headsets have been presented in IFA with the use of Microsoft technology (Extraordinary Expensive Hololens Smartglasses) only sold to the developers with the retail of $3000.

Microsoft Mix Reality,Microsoft Virtual Reality

With the goal of, To share the knowledge to the general public Microsoft has joined Asus, Dell & Lenovo forces because they are also showing off their latest VR headset at IFA.As always with these devices, the idea to immerse semi real environment that mixes ambient element with virtual 3D objects the three manufacturers are also targeting a price range, from that three two are already sold VR in the market, they are HTC Vive & Oculus Rift.

ASUS MR(Mixed Reality Headset)

  • Weight:- 400g
  • Display:-two 2.89 inches diagonal OLED
  • Pixels:-2880*1440 Pixels
  • field of vision:-95-degree
  • Price:-449 euros

Dell Visor VR Headset

  • Display:- two 1440*1440 pixels LCD display
  • Price:- 350 dollars

All these products from Microsoft announce with wake up of an update about Windows MixedReality.Microsoft says some 60 applications are already ready & version of celebrated first person shooter game called”Hola” to be expected in upcoming two years.Also, Microsoft announced the partnership with valve software & its steam VR platform for highly immersive games.


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