27 Funny WiFi Names and Puns For Your Network

Funniest Wifi Names and punsYou can always able to change your Network SSID & that’s why some people serve a hilarious message for their friends/neighbors by changing the  WiFi router names. Now here is the collection of some Funny WiFi Router Names that you can apply to your home network just for fun.

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Top 27 Funny WiFi Names Collections

  • For Football Lovers – GetOffMyLawn
  • Hospital Stuff – VirusInfected
  • Tourist – GoHomeTourists
  • For Girlfriend – WillYouMarryMe??
  • Birds – Flamingo
  • Parents – 404 Network Unavailable, Shut Up Your Dogs
  • Bank – NoFreeInternetHere
  • Neighbours – My Neighbours Sucks
  • Food – Meat is Delicious
  • Mom – Mom Use This One
  • Friends – No More Mister WiFi
  • Friends – Get Off My LAN

Try This Also

  • Never Gonna Give You UP
  • Loading
  • Searching
  • Virus Infected WIFI
  • Password Is 1234
  • No Free WIFI HERE
  • It Hurts When IP
  • Life is the fast LAN
  • The Creep Next Door
  • Only For Poor Peoples
  • Marry Me
  • Go To Hell
  • I Will Kill YOU
  • Don’t USE For Free
  • Pay First

How To Change Network SSID

  • Login To Your Router As Admin (Using Your Router IP like etc)
  • Click On Wireless Option
  • Choose Wireless Settings & Edit SSID
  • Click On Save
  • DONE…..

For different Routers, the IP may differ but the internal setting probably same only you find the change in UI. The IP for Tenda company router is you can check it out on Router’s Box or you can also get it from the Internet.

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