Fix the Issue ‘Google Maps not Loading’ for Yourself( DiY-Guide)

Sometimes this may happen with many users that they get an error message that “This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly”. So here in this article, you get resolution for the problem Google Map Not Loading.

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How to Fix ‘Google Map Not Loading’ Error:

First, let’s find out exactly why the “This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly” error is showing. There are multiple things that can cause it but fortunately, Google gives us a way to learn the specific reason. This helps us know what to do to fix it. Notice the last part of the error says to open the JavaScript console for “technical details”. That’s what we need.

Fix ‘MissingKeyMapError’ issue :

MissingKeyMapError means you are not using an API key and will need to sign up for one then configure your website to use it. Websites that started using Google Maps on or after June 22 2016, require an API key in order for maps to show.

Fix the Error ‘RefererNotAllowedMapError’:

  1. Go to
  2. Click your API key’s name to edit its settings.
  3. Under Accept requests, make sure you have the two entries below (replacing with your own domain). Type the first entry then hit enter on your keyboard to add it. Repeat to add the second entry. Having both entries (with asterisks) will help ensure your maps work on any URL of your website.
  4. Click the Save button then wait a few minutes for the change to take effect (Google says it can take up to 5 minutes).

Fix ‘InvalidKeyMapError’ :

  1. Go to
  2. Copy your key
  3. If you’re using our WordPress plugin, go to Settings Church Content and paste your key into the Google Maps API Key field then click Save Changes. Otherwise, do similar according to the product you’re using.

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