Ever Wondered Why C is Default Drive on Computer not A or B? Here’s Why

In this Modern Era of Gadgets, almost everyone uses Computers. Everyone knows What is HardDrive, for what reason we are using HardDrive. But here comes the twist in the Story. C is the Default Drive but no one knows the Secret reason behind the domination of C alphabet over other Alphabets. Since the HardDrive has been placed inside the Computers running popular Operating Systems like MS-DOS, Windows. The Primary Drive is designated the letter “C”.

Here is the Answer to Your Question:

Earlier Computers didn’t come with a large amount of Internal Storage devices. That doesn’t mean there is no inbuilt storage is provided to the system. The system has sufficient memory for processing but comparing to the modern Computers it is very less. The reason that earlier computers don’t have Internal Storage devices is that it increases the cost of the Computers.

Instead, of having Internal Storage device they used to have “floppy” disk reader which are used to read floppy disks.Floppy disks are initially labeled as “A” in Microsoft Disk Operating System (MS-DOS) and on certain other operating systems. But, some systems came with two such floppy disk drives requiring the need of the Alphabet “B” also.

Mainly the Hard disc drives became standard in the 1980s. Since the first two letters were already being used for floppy drives, developers logically labeled the third storage “C”. With the change in time, floppy disk drives were entirely removed from the computers. But somehow the label name “C” doesn’t change in the Hard disk drive. Now the fact is that most Windows Computer System comes with the first partition named or say labeled as ‘Local Disk C:’ for that same reason.

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