Most Effective Uses For Live Streaming | How It Is Useful

Live streaming has never been as popular on websites like Twitch, Facebook, and other social media platforms.The main reason behind it is it requires very fast internet for live streaming.But in other hands, it is not possible to always made video & upload it on social media rather than that going live is very easy.

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Most Effective Uses For Live Streaming

So here are some examples where live streaming seems to be very useful.


Gamers have always been at the cutting edge of technology. Given what they pursue as a hobby it’s no surprise. In live streaming, they really have been a key motivator in new technology and software, creating a market demand big enough for companies to make things happen.

Facebook Live

Facebook Live is also very useful if you want to share live moments with your friends with the help of video.We get to see more of the lives of celebrities, speak to experts and industry leaders in real time and, depending on how you look at it, some of the people on your friends list going about their day to day business.

Celebrity Q&A

You can now be closer than ever to the celebrities you used to follow on TV or in the papers. They’re on social media, and they’re also broadcasting live. Quite often, if they’ve got time to kill, you’ll find many jumping on live streams to answer questions, have a discussion, and give back to their fans.


With technology always helping bookmakers to stay ahead of the competition, they first broadcasted horse racing and football live streams to keep punters active on their site and to promote their in-play betting services. It worked to that end but they could also offer something else.

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