Best Video Calling Softwares Available For PC 2017

Video Calling Software for PC|Video Calls

Many times users require to make Video call so using various softwares seems to be a great option.Also, there are various softwares available for mobiles as well as PC so here is the list of Best Video Calling Softwares Available For PC 2017. Best Video Calling Softwares Available For PC Skype …

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How to Recover a Permanently Deleted Files on Windows PC


How to restore deleted files: This is a question about how to recover deleted files without use any software asked by a user on the forum. And many users soon claimed that they have had the same questions. Here, first, we would like to confirm that data recovery without using third-party software is …

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How To Use Split Screen Feature On Windows 7 & 10

split screen windows 7 | how to split screen on windows | how to do a split screen on windows 10

How to split screen on Windows 7 & 10: The split screen seems to be a great feature if you like to do multitasking.By using this feature you can view two applications side-by-side on your windows. you can also able to split your screen across dual monitors and split your wallpapers so …

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