How To Fix Computer randomly Turns off itself(12 Tech Terms to considered)

Computer randomly turns off itself: Computer being the Compulsory Device in a house is Common now. Usage of Computer, Mobiles and other gadgets increasing largely. In the same way, Computer issues are raised over time. From all the issues, Automatic Shut Down of Windows PC is regularly faced by Most of the Long-hour Working Persons. Once the Capacity of a Windows Machine exceeds, PC shutdowns itself without giving any notification to the user. One Primary Reason for Computer Random Turn off is the Overheating of Hardware. And there are Several technical issues that lead to Computer random Shut down. Here we have Listed the most frequently preferred solutions to solve the issue in short time.

How To Fix Computer randomly Turns off itself(12 Tech Terms to considered):

computer shuts down randomly | computer shuts off randomly | computer turns on and off | computer keeps shutting down | computer randomly turns off | pc shuts down randomly | computer shuts down | why does my computer turn off by itself windows 10 | my computer keeps turning offThere may be tens of reasons as per the highly Computer Professionals, but we noted a Checklist of 12 Things to be considered for solving the problem almost instantly.

1) Heat-Related:

Every device is created with a caution automatic action to save the Complete components from destroying itself. Therefore the action will be as Automatic Turn off(Shut Down). it may halt the complete functionality of the computer but restore the Efficiency of Computer to serve for a Long time. In case, it skips Shut down the process, Computer can be damaged in Higher Portion.


  • Check the lower side of Laptop or CPU of Computer if it was overheated
  • Observe the Fan if it is working Smoothly and you must replace with New one it creates noise while Rotating
  • Examine the laptop Adapter to maintain it in normal State( temperature)

2) Hardware issue:

All the Hardware Components and Software Applications together allows to Work windows Operating System, If any one of the hardware components gets affected or Damaged, it halts a Process that leads to breaking down of the Windows PC Functioning. It also rises Computer automatic Shutdown issue within no time.


  • Check the Hardware Components status from the “Device Manager” Tool
  • Open the CPU or Laptop to rectify the problem in Computer Parts

3) Computer Virus:

Unknown software downloaded on the PC injects Virus that tries to take hold of PC Controls. This might occurs if a PC is running no security software. An Internet Network connected PC or Laptop is compulsory to have a Security Tools to Stop threats


  • Run Windows Defender to verify the complete files on PC
  • Install a Full Version PC Security Tool to scan the Computer and list out the Trojans

4) Operating System:

An Operating System is the Sensitive Thing in Computer. While Working on PC, if it is Overloaded due to multi-tasking Computer gets hanged and all the Processes are halted. This issue happens more often, it definitely leads to Operating System break down. Sometimes OS gets Corrupted and Shutdowns the PC instantly


  • Use Task Manager to check for the Running Programs and end the low-priority task
  • Check the Purchased Operating System Key, Re-Enter the Key if it shows an Error

5) Charging:

A PC Charger or Adapter disrupts the Computer Functionality over a Slight change in Power Supply. So makes sure the adapter used for Computer are original and apt for handling required power supply.  Laptop Battery can be one of the reasons for Auto-shutdown of PC


  • Check Power Supply Adapter and buy a New one if it has any breaks in Cables
  • Replace the Battery with another one, Battery may be lost its capacity over long-time Usage

6) Fast Startup:

Fast Startup is the added Feature in Computers and Laptops. It mainly helps to Quickly Start the Windows without any Software alerts. Fast Startup should be Turned Off for Normal Windows Bootup and Shut down for Proper Functioning of Softwares


  • Turn Off the Fast Startup Feature from the Power Options( Control Panel )

7) Update Drivers:

When a Computer or Laptop is connected to PC, it automatically downloads the updates. Most of the software follows the same and a few get stuck sometimes.  If a Motherboard related Driver is not updated automatically, it should be manually connected to the Internet and fixed it


  • Go to the Device Manager and check the status of each component on PC
  • Make sure “Action Center” is left with no important update

8) Third Party Software:

In our PC, Windows defender is an inbuilt Third Party Software that protects the computer from Viruses and Threats. in this case if a New Anti-virus software is installed, it collides with Windows defender and results in Automatic Shutdown of Computer.


  • Solve the issues found in your Action Center, it points the unusual functioning of Software
  • Open Complete Installed Programs on PC through Control Panel and remove the unwanted security software

9) Attached Devices:

Previously Connected Pendrives and USB cables must be checked, as it distracts the PC from Proper Shutdown. Most of the time, improper usage of connectable external devices can rise error that could halt the Windows Shut Down.


  • Disconnect all the devices attached to the Computer
  • Every time you detach a device from PC, you need to eject with Windows commands and then remove the device

10) Network issue:

Wireless or Wired Network connected to Computer causes the Auto-Shutdown issue. Disconnect from all networks that might solve the Windows Issue.


  • Unplug the Wired Network connected to PC
  • Disconnect the Wireless Network and Shift to Airplane Mode to be in safe hands

11) Check Power Buttons::

A Malware infected may change the whole Computer settings. This way it may Alter the Power Button settings on the PC. So be aware of Changes in PC, that destroys complete System in Short time


  • Check Power Button Settings from “Start Menu”
  • Also in the severity of Case, Change the Settings to ” Shutdown When I Press the Power Button”

12) Disable Startup Programs:

Startup programs disturb the Computer from its Boot-Up,  It creates uneven alerts and delays the computer Booting Process. Hence, unused software and applications must be removed from the PC regularly to have a Smooth running system.


  • From Task Manager, You can switch the Startup Programs to Disable mode to halt all of them in a single click

Done, !! all the Methods and Terms can definitely provide you a solution for sure and stay connected to for all the Tech Solutions

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