How to change color of folders in Windows

Windows is the most famous Operating System of the entire world, but there is something is still missing in Windows, which is the ability to change the colour of files. We are here to solve this problem for you, you can now easily change the colour of files.

You can use many available themes but still, you cannot do this thing by yourself, you need to be dependent on the theme. By our method, you can change the colour of folders in any Windows, like  Windows XP, 7, 8 and 8.1 and 10.

Method 1.

It is a simple program which is easy to install and run, all you need to do is, select your folder in which you want to try this color changing thing. Right click on the folder and choose Colorize! option.

And then click on the desired color which you want to apply to your selected folder. And some how you want to restore the original color of the folder, then you can click on the Restore Original Color option.


Method 2.

You can use another program to change the color of the folders, FolderIco. You can download it by clicking on the name and then simply install it like a normal program.

After the complete installation of the program, you can use it. Select the folder and right click on it. After that select the Change Folder Icon and then choose the color which you want to apply.


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