Best Ways To Post On Instagram

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How to Post On Instagram?

With approx 800 million active users, Instagram is now undoubtedly one of the far-reaching social media networks you may use for marketing purposes.

Instagram has now proven a viable advertising option for many businesses today, also shows no signs of slowing down and in fact, eMarketer also estimates that worldwide Instagram ad revenues will mostly exceed $10 billion by 2019, with an exponential increase from 1.86 billion in 2016.

In case you’re not already using Instagram for your business, you’re missing out on a ton of an opportunity to grow your brand awareness and reach a wide audience. But, Fortunately, adopting an Instagram strategy can also be relatively easy with enough time and effort.

You have to Open the Instagram app and Click the “+” icon at the bottom of your screen.

Then Instagram will show you the photos you already saved to your phone. You may Choose one of those to post then. Alternatively, you may click “Photo” or “Video” in the bottom to take any photo or video within the Instagram app itself, in case you don’t have an image already you want to use.

And then you choose an image, click “Next” in the top right.

Instagram also offers 25 filters you have to scroll to the right to peruse your options, and then click on one to preview how it will look on your photo. You may also click “Edit” at the bottom right of your page to adjust the contrast, brightness, etc.

When you’re completely ready, you may click “Next” in the top right.
Now In the text box at the top of the page, type your caption. Additionally, you may also click “Tag People” to tag any other Instagram accounts in your post; You may also “Add Location” to put a location on your image which makes it convenient for people to find your post.

And Finally, if you also want to share your content on your other, connected social media sites like Facebook or Twitter accounts, you may simply slide the bar from left to right.
And then When you’re ready to post, you may click “Share” in the top right of the page, and your post will be shared.

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