Top 5 Free No Wifi Games For iPhone and PC

Best Free No Wifi games for iPhone and PCThere are tons of games available on Android play store but most of it requires an internet connection to play so here are some android games do not require internet connectivity to run, no data charges. Top no wifi free games to take the fun with you wherever you go.

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No WiFi Free Games


Badland is a 2D runner game, set in a beautiful forest full of various residents. There is, however, something terribly wrong with the forest and you, one of the forest dwellers, has to find out what’s wrong. Along the way are a numerous number of imaginative traps and obstacles that you now have to overcome. The game has stunning physics-based gameplay, quality graphics, and audio to optimize your gameplay.

Shadow Fight 2

Action lovers here is the game for you. Remember those kung-fu movies with all the acrobatic kicks and moves, well here you get the chance to try them on real enemies but with an addition of lethal weapons. Shadow Fight is a 2D game based on a character “Shadow “who lost his physical body when he unleashed some powerful demons as he tried to save his home from invaders. He now exists as a skilled shadow warrior who has to fight the demons and their various bodyguards in his quest to get back what he lost.

Asphalt 8 Airborne

The latest version of the asphalt games, Asphalt 8 is a true combination of quality graphics, speed, and awesome cars. The new asphalt 8 combines new stunts cars and arcades, even an aircraft carrier. On a good device, the gameplay is pretty smooth as you race against other opponents to win cash prizes that you can then use for upgrades and to also purchase new cars. Although the game can be played offline, the multiplayer experience for asphalt 8 airborne is one of a kind and is actually one of its strong points. The game is free on google play but has in-app purchases.

Despicable Me

The minions are here, and they have brought with them loads of fun and bananas. Despicable me is a 3D runner game where you race with the minions collecting bananas as you jump, roll, dodge or just scramble against others in fast-paced missions.

Hill Climb Racing

This is an upgrade form the exciting and hilarious Hill climb only with more cars costumes and hilly arcades to drive over. You can even perform backflips in the air hoping that you will not fall and break a few bones. It is free to download from google play store with in-app purchases.

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