AZ Screen Recorder For Android APK Download – No Root

AZ Screeen recorder

The AZ Screen Recorder is a fully-fledged screencasting tool which is used for the Android Operating System platform that starts from Lollipop and the above. With some simple and few intuitive user interfaces, it will deliver you some handy features at your fingertips in order to enable you to make the best out of your screen recording tasks.

This is very different from the other screencasting apps, also this app is delivered to you for free or you can optionally go for the premium version of this app that is ad-free. And this app requires no root privileges at all, it gives you no limit in time when you are recording and also no manufacturer watermarks.

This app AZ Screen Recorder allows you to record the complete device screen at HD level and with even Full HD quality also with an option to pause and then again resume recording as the need may arise. There are lots of configurations that are provided for the video to make sure that you have the output quality of your choice.

By using this app, you will also be able to select your preferred resolution, the frame rate, and the bit rate, your video orientation and also you can work with the time-lapse by setting the speed of the video. By culminating all these options together you can make a video of your preferred characteristics.

Android, unfortunately, doesn’t have this feature built in. However, there are plenty of apps, fortunately, in the Google Play Store that can add screen recording on your device into the mix. Out of the available apps, the one which is found to be the most reliable and also that doesn’t require any root access is the AZ Screen Recorder.

Your recorded videos have no time limit, also they do not include any sort of watermark, also the app offers so many handy features, such as:

  • The Picture in picture feature which allows you to overlay a video from the front-facing camera so that you will be able to talk your users throughout the process
  • The Countdown timer in case you need to prepare before you record
  • The Video configuration to change the resolution, frame rate, the bit-rate, and the orientation
  • The Built-in editing feature

Once you’ve downloaded it, you can follow these steps to use the AZ screen recorder:

  • First, you have to launch the A-Z Screen Recorder app from your app drawer.
  • You will then see an overlay with the four buttons that appear. You will then have to tap the gear icon to tweak the video recording. And once you are done, you have to press Back to return to the home screen. Then, open the app you or you can navigate to the screen you want to record.
  • You can then tap the red camera shutter icon in the A-Z overlay. Then video will begin recording. And then once you are finished, you can pull down the notification shade. And in the A-Z notification you may either pause or stop recording.

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