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Nokia to launch 2.2 on June 6

As we all know, Nokia is a fantastic brand in the Smartphone arena and this is not a hidden truth. With the brand’s re-entry into the scene, the scenario has however changed a bit as the other brands have already taken a huge lead. But by this, it no means, …

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Realme C2 Review

Realme has now made a name for itself in the Indian Smartphone market as it has launched many budget mobiles in the country one after the other. It has managed to garner a customer base in the most competitive price segment. The company has also been eyeing the number one …

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How To Delete Twitter Account Permanently?

Twitter is such a useful, informative, and even uplifting social platform at times. However, it can also sometimes be an unbearable cesspit of smugness, shameless attention-seeking and also straight-up hatred Whatever might be the reason for leaving Twitter to face it, the good news for you is that it is …

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How To Remove Virus From Android device

The probable Signs your Android phone may have if it has Malware: Usually, Mobile phones aren’t perfect as they can sometimes be vulnerable to damage your mobile both internally and externally while the external damage is generally visible to you, but the internal damage could always be hiding in plain …

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Best Ways To Post On Instagram

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How to Post On Instagram? With approx 800 million active users, Instagram is now undoubtedly one of the far-reaching social media networks you may use for marketing purposes. Instagram has now proven a viable advertising option for many businesses today, also shows no signs of slowing down and in fact, …

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