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Best Ways To Post On Instagram

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How to Post On Instagram? With approx 800 million active users, Instagram is now undoubtedly one of the far-reaching social media networks you may use for marketing purposes. Instagram has now proven a viable advertising option for many businesses today, also shows no signs of slowing down and in fact, …

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Xiaomi Next smartphone will have Three cameras!

Xiaomi Next smartphone will have Three cameras! Xiaomi is all set to launch a triple rear camera setup smartphone in India. Xiaomi published a teaser on its official forum on Wednesday which indicates one of it’s upcoming smart mobiles may have three cameras on the backside. This teaser did not …

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How To Turn Off Windows Defender?

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How To Stop Windows Defender? Windows Defender can be turned off both temporarily and “permanently”, in Windows. Windows Defender can also be disabled until you restart your computer again from the Settings, while you can also prevent Windows Defender by turning itself back on until you allow it to enable …

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How To Free Up DISC Space On MAC

how to free up disk space on mac, how to clean mac, how to free up space on mac

FREE UP DISC SPACE ON MAC   Optimize Storage in Mac and then later you can save space by storing content in your i-cloud and also by making it available on demand. When space is needed to store files, photos, movies, email attachments, and many files that you use are …

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How To Verify Facebook Page?

Verify Facebook page, how to Verify Facebook page

Verify Facebook page   In case you own a .Facebook page which is categorized under local business, company, or organization, then the page is eligible for a gray verification badge You must have likely seen this before. Did you ever notice small blue check marks which are next to celebrities’ …

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How To Connect Laptop To TV

connect laptop to tv, how to connect laptop to tv

Connect Laptop To TV   This task is no rocket science, and it can be easily accomplished by following these simple steps. Learn these easy steps in a jiffy and your task is done. The detailed procedure for this task is as follows: Step 1 : Turn on your laptop. …

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